Gm Power Steering Pump Pulley Remover/Installer

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Removes and installs GM power steerign pump pueys

Exerts force only through the shaft to prevent damage to pump and pulley

Applications listed below

Instruction sheet listed below

To remove pulley:

1. Run Puller Flange down to end of center screw

2. Insert tip of center screw into pulley shaft

3. Put best fitting side of jaw halves over pulley flange and puller flange 

4. Place retaining sleeve over jaw halves

5. Turn center screw to remove pulley

To install pulley:

1. Place pulley over center screw

2. Turn center screw into threads in pulley shaft

3. Turn drive nut to press puley onto shaft

Install pulleys on the following:

1988 - Curernt Quad 4 Engines

Remove pulleys on the following:

1988 - 89 Quad 4 Engines

Remove and install pulleys on the following:

1990 - Current Chevy Lumina APV

1900 - Current Oldsmobile Silhouette

1990 - Curernt Pontiac Trans Sport

1991 - Current Buick Regal with 3.1L V-6

1991 - Current Chevy Lumina with 3.1L V-6

1991 - Curernt Pontiac Grand Prix with 3.1L V-6