Spray Gun

Electric Spray Gun 2.2A

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  • Easy to using indoor and outdoor.
  • It is four genaration spray gun which is better than others not only in appearance, but also spray quality and inner structure
  • It is suitable for water based paint, such as latex, stain, varnish, searlers, urethanes, lacquers and so on, better spray quality with latex on wall.


  • 1pc viscosity measuring cup
  • 1pc cleaning pin, 1pc piston
  • 1pc 0.8mm spare nozzle
  • 1pc wrench


  • Rated Voltage 120V
  • Rated Power 2.2A
  • Rated Frequency 60Hz
  • Paint Reservoir 800ml
  • Max. Viscosity 60din/sec
  • Max. Flow 300ml/min
  • Nozzle 0.8mm
  • Net Weight 1.5Kg
  • Unite Size 22x11x24cm