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Gear & Bearing Separator 14Pc

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  • Black Oxide & Chrome Plated Finish Resists Corrosion
  • Applies Even Pulling Force to Prevent Damage to Gears or Bearings
  • Removes gears, pulleys, and steering wheels. Applies even pressure, preventing damage.
  • Hardened and tempered, precision-machined steel bolts.
  • Drop forged, heat treated steel attachments.


  • Compartmentalized molded plastic carrying case.
  • 2pc bearing separator, size: 9/32"-3".
  • 2pc bolts for bearing separator with nuts and washers: 5-1/2"-12 thread.
  • 2pc 6" pawls, 3/8"-16 thread with nuts.
  • 4pc 6-3/4" connecting bolts 3/8"-16 tread x 5/16"-18 thread with nuts.
  • 1pc 5-1/2" push rod 9/16"-10 thread.
  • 1pc bracket. 1pc cone head for push rod.
  • 1pc flat head for push rod.