Power Drain Cleaner 3/8" X 100Ft

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  • Motor Input 410W, output 250W, 110V/ 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 170RPM
  • Air activated foot switch. Sealed air-activated foot switch can quickly start the working of drain cleaning machine. Foot switch built-in GFCI on cord to protect operator from electrical shock.
  • Auto-feed device
  • Lean, well-balanced design for easy one-man transport and operation
  • 100Ft x 3/8" Solid Core cable, premium steel cable resists breakage, tangling, and kinking, corrosion, high hardness and toughness, and it can easily negotiate multiple 90-degree bends.
  • 5/8" Augers/Cutter x 4pcs. Package includes four different shapes of cutters: boring bulb cutter, c-cutter, spade cutter and two arrow cutters for different use. The Tool tray is convenient to store.