Screwdriver & Nut Driver

Extendable Precision Screwdriver Set

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  • 12-in-1 Mobile Phone Specialty Screwdriver Set
  • Material: 8660 (CR-MO)
  • 6 Pc. SNCM double ended bits: pentablobe P2 x P5, Torx T4 x T8, Torx T5 x T9, Torx T6 x T10, Slotted 1.5 x Phillips No.000, Slotted 2.0 x Phillips No.00
  • Pentalobe: Apple series mobile phone and notebook, P2 - iPone4, 4S, 5, p5 - Macbook Pro and air
  • Torx: Most mobile phone and electronic product, T5 - Motorola, Nokia, T6 - Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, T8 - Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Desktop computer hard drives with T5, T6, T8. Laptop hard drive and circuit board removal with T4, T5, XBOX with T10
  • Phillips : Notebook, small appliances, toys, etc
  • Slotted: Most common household tools